The Republic of Sylvan Edit

The elves of Sylvan are a fairly new culture in comparison to the older races of Fey. The elves of Sylvan are an inquisitive and curious people and in comparison to the other races the elves are the least capable at magic. They make up for it in their ingenuity at creating machinery and science. Sylvan cities are some of the largest outside of the dragon lands as well and have some of the tallest towers. The elves of Sylvan have even created the first steam powered locomotives and used them to spread across the entire continent.

History of The Republic of Sylvan Edit

In the second Era the elves were a nomadic tribe that lived in what is now considered the Fairy Kingdom. When the fairies rose to power the elves escaped to the north. Some of them settled in the lands that are now the Republic of Sylvan, while the rest went further north and retained the same culture as nomads in the tundra lands south of Aecor Gelu. The elves settled on the shores of Lake Neiklot and founded the city of Suurukapunki, which would eventually become the capital city of the Republic.