Iuvomoto, known better as The Visitor, is a ally to Belfornaav and Bethasdaa.

Appearance Edit

Iuvomoto is a red fire dragon, like Belfornaav.

History Edit

Iuvomoto supposedly came to Fey sometime in her thirties. While scholars aren’t sure how exactly she arrived, what is known is that astronomers in the Sylvan Republic observed an unknown object enter the planet’s atmosphere, apparently landing in the sea off of the Royal Tulip Fields.

Local records from fishers record sightings of a human woman making her way up the coast, to near the border with Sylvan. Some claim overhearing the woman calling herself “Kumiko Mori” and “Nicole”.

One day, the human woman made her way to Campus Ignis. Apparently, she managed to sneak through the border guards at night by use of sewers. She managed to make it to the City of Brass. What happened next is disputed amongst historians.

Supposedly, the human found her way to the interior of the city, and consumed some magically-neutered Dragon’s tongue. At first, the effects were minimal, but as the day went on, things got funky.