Fey (Goddess) Edit

"She is our creator, she is the god beyond all gods, and she is love and life. Many have claimed to have spoken to her, but there is little evidence that she has ever set foot on the land." - Professor Scavol Lightbringer of Sylvan University.

Fey is a being known as an Energic, a race of beings that have almost unlimited power and capabilities. They live in a dimension far removed from all reality, and live their extremely long lives in relative isolation. Fey herself is a "Banished One", she was banished from the Energic home dimension for reasons unknown to most. She was stripped of most of her power and sentenced to an eternity in exile. Fey has since taken this time to create her own universe.

Personality Edit

Though few have actually met her, those who have spoken to Fey herself find that she is loving, wise, and compassionate. While she may be a god, she is not distant, or unforgiving. Those who have befriended her have spoken of her as a motherly figure, or a lover of the utmost care. She has also been known to have a sense of humor.


Power Edit

Fey is able to create matter from nothing, and give life to the lifeless. She seems to be able to see both into the future and into the past. She has complete control over all the life she creates, even to the point that she can see through their eyes.