The Dragon Civil War was a global conflict, between two factions of the Dragon Empire, as well as their respective allies. It began when Bethasdaa, the wife of Belfornaav, took the life of Jehovah due to his enslavement of humanity. There were also several underlying factors that caused the conflict to explode into a World War.

Prelude to War Edit

One of the many causes of the Dragon Civil War was the enslavement of the human race by the Dragons. Jehovah, brother of Dolgfornaav, enslaved humanity for thousands of years by using a device known as the "Garden of Eden." The Garden was a powerful mind-controlling weapon, which was nearly impossible to break from its control.

Infighting between the Dragon Empire's Royal Family was another underlying cause of the Civil War. Prior to having his son Belfornaav, Dolgfornaav used several concubines (thirteen of them, to be exact) to breed a successor. All concubines produced daughters, which were exterminated soon after birth. From his view, females were weak and undeserving of leadership, which were grounds for execution in Dolgfornaav's eyes.

The slaughter of his children wasn't Dolgfornaav's only issue. In the months leading up to the Civil War, Dolgfornaav had disbanded and executed the Dragon Council. This was in response to their refusal to grant Dolgfornaav and Jehovah the right to invade Earth and establish a colony on the planet. In response, he ordered them executed for defying the king. This, in turn, caused outcry from many other races, which, up until that point, had remained silent.

The War Edit

The Dragon Civil War began after Bethasdaa, wife of Belfornaav, assassinated her Uncle-in-Law and brother to Dolgfornaav, Jehovah in response to the enslavement of humanity. Immediately following his death, Jehovah's vanguard, the Order of Six, attacked Bethasdaa. With aide from Belfornaav, their assailants were defeated. This first "scuffle" would become known as the Battle of the Indus River Valley.

Upon hearing the news of this uprising, a faction of dragons rebelled, fed up with the Royal Family's method of government. In solidarity, many of the other civilizations on Fey declared war on the Dragon Empire.